Best friends

Naoto Fukasawa’s new cookware range for Alessi is inspired by man’s best friend.

From the Series

Shiba is Naoto Fukasawa’s latest range of pots and pans for Italian design company Alessi.

The cookware collection takes its name from one of the most popular dog breeds in Japan, understanding that pots and pans are often relied on for everyday use, much like a dog is also a human companion.

Differentiating itself from more traditional cookware ranges, Shiba focusses on the essential elements of the products in a less-is-more fashion. The Shiba handles come in bakelite or wood and are both resistant and rather minimalist, integrating form and function.

The signs of use on the pots and pans will eventually be what makes them beautiful. While Shiba is suited to all forms of cooking it is said to work particularly well with slow cooking.

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