Auto-focus specs adapts lenses to near and farsighted vision

Deep Optics’ omnifocals automatically adjust focus, providing the wearer with improved vision.
Deep Optics omnifocals

Deep Optics omnifocals’ specially designed lens is able to adjust the wearer’s optical focus in real time. Developed by Israeli startup company Deep Optics, the glasses could help people who use multiple glasses for different situations or people who are unable focus their vision.

Optical sensors hidden in the frame of the glasses analyse the wearer’s pupils, which are always adjusting according to what the eye wants to focus on. The pupillary data is transmitted to a built-in processing unit that calculates the exact distance of the object from the wearer’s eyes. It then determines the optics needed to achieve sharp vision and communicates this to the lenses, which contain a liquid crystal layer that is able to change the way the eye receives an image.

In regular mode, the glasses focus on far distances but as soon as a wearer looks at a phone or any object at a closer distance, the lenses automatically adjust to regulate the wearer’s focus.

Currently, the company has come up with a working prototype of the lenses but with a recent investment, its next step will be to make the technological components small enough to work as eyeglasses.