Amplify, Yves Béhar's installation for the Digital Crystal exhibition in London, speaks to accessibility and sustainability of crystal lights.

In an extension of the concept of "remembering in the digital age" in the Design Crystal: Memory in the Digital Age exhibition at the Design Museum in London, Yves Béhar and fuseproject have created an adaption of a magnificent crystal chandelier, using a single light source.

“Amplify” is a creation that uses three integral components; a crystal, a low energy LED light and a faceted paper shade. In conjunction these three components spark memories of a traditional large-scale chandelier. Béhar’s inspiration stemmed from the notions of sustainability, efficiency and being eco-friendly.

"It is a pursuit in our work to try achieve the maximum effect with the minimum amount of materials and energy"- Béhar.

“Amplify” consists of six different individual shapes that work together as one entity to create the image of a commanding chandelier. Each shape is designed to maximize the reflection of each glowing crystal onto the paper shade. The reflections then merge to reveal a multiple rainbow-like colour burst.

“Amplify” was commissioned by Swarovski for the Digital Crystal: Memory in the Digital Age exhibition at the Design Museum in London, from 5 September 2012 to 13 January 2013.

Watch the Talk with Yves Béhar