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The world’s first major exhibition on cutting-edge African design, New Africa, opened at the 2007 INDEX awards.

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New Africa
New Africa

New Africa opened at the 2007 INDEX: awards in Copenhagen before embarking on a world tour. “This collection of design objects, all generated from the African continent, is the testimony of an African design scene in the process of redefining itself,” said the exhibition’s curators Tina Midtgaard and Elisabeth Topsøe. The exhibition includes 45 designers from 13 countries addressing issues such as cultural strength and identity, empowerment, sustainability, low-cost housing, and improving living conditions through design. Local designers included Craig Native, Darkie, Karen Monk Klijnstra, Stoned Cherrie, Noero Wolff, Daddy Buy Me A Pony, Orange Juice Design, Rex, Richard Hart, Tennant McKay, Dagama Textiles, Lyall Sprong, ... xyz, Gregor Jenkin, Haldane Martin, Liam Mooney, Andile Dyalvane and Frauke Stegman.

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