Affordable, easy to set up 360-degree photography

Orangemonkie has created Foldio360, the affordable way to capture 360-degree images.

Smart devices and open source technology have ensured the rise of a generation of self-publishers and self-producers. Both young and old, people flock to the internet to make their mark in blogging, vlogging, and various other forms of content production. But without access to expensive studio equipment, a number of people find their content lacking. Harnessing existing smartphone technology, Orangemonkie has a designed a smart turntable that gives everyone the power to create 360-degree images with their smartphone or DSLR camera, opening a new level of content creation to the masses.

“The Foldio360 communicates with your smartphone or DSLR and automatically takes photos, rotates, and stitches together one final 360 image,” explains the company.

Orangemonkie is made up of a team of hardware specialists based in Los Angeles and Seoul. The turntable, called the Foldio360, is the third iteration under the Foldio brand. They’ve launched a Kickstarter campaign to fund the launch of the device after the success of their previous campaigns.

While 360-degree photography systems are typically out of the range of the amateur photographers grasp, Orangemonkie claims their system would be an affordable solution.

They’ve also developed Foldio360 Online, a web-based platform that integrates seamlessly with the user’s websites. By generating shareable links and embed codes through Foldio360, the user can share their work on most websites including Squarespace, and Wordpress. Users can also link directly to their blog, online store, or Instagram.