Four of Satyendra Pakhalé's iconic pieces are on show at Gabrielle Ammann Gallery during Design Miami highlighting his fascination with material exploration.

With names like B.M Horse, White Swan, Flower Offering and Alu-Rocking, Satyendra Pakhalé’s pieces evoke visions of nature and their vivid form confirm this designer's love for organic, sculptural form. What is interesting is that Pakhalé employs varied technologies, both old and new to express his distinct visual language in four very different materials.   

B.M Horse resulted from seven and a half years of persistent research and development. The one-of-a-kind piece that evokes the memory of a horse in a symbolic way is formed using both old and new materials and technologies. Pakhalé drew on his Indian heritage, reviving an ancient native wax casting process through employing digital technology. The final piece made from bronze alloy with a sandblasted finish fuses traditional craftsmanship, 3D CAD modelling, engineering and material research in a seamless manner.

The White Swan highlights Pakhalé’s continuous search to create designs as a “poetic analogy of form”. Machined from a solid block of marble using CNC, the piece was born in his studio in 2005, where the creation was driven by his “curiosity to cultivate a language to kindle memories and make the audience experience the sensual quality of a piece”. 

For me objects are like companions and I am interested by the possibility to bring life, elegance and even dignity to them, says Pakhalé.

In order to create the perfect piece that encourages free and creative thinking, Pakhalé designed the Alu-Rocking. The piece in sandblasted aluminium allows you to sit upright and still or to lean back and rock. Its structure is sensuous and invites users to touch and feel the beauty of its contours.

Think a ceramic piece you can sit on is impossible? This is exactly what Pakhalé achieves with the Flower Offering Chair. Made from ceramics with unique joints developed especially for the piece, it pushes the technological possibilities. However Pakhalé says, “It is really not about sitting itself as utilitarian need but the whole notion about sitting and welcoming people by symbolically offering flowers.”

The works will be on display at the Gabrielle Ammann Gallery at Design Miami until 8 December 2013.

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