24-hour bin collects rubbish from polluted seawater

Seabin is designed to continuously remove rubbish and contaminants from the ocean’s surface.

Designed by two Australian friends Andrew Turton and Pete Ceglinki, Seabin is a product that can effectively remove trash and contaminants from the ocean’s surface. According to the creators’ Indiegogo page, the aim of the project is to keep our oceans tidy by sparking a movement to clean up polluted waters in relatively controlled environments such as marinas, ports and yacht clubs.

Made from recycled plastic, the automated trash bin sits on the water’s surface where it is hooked up to a pump that is secured to a dock above the water. Seawater comes in through the top of the bin where a natural fibre “catch bag” collects any floating rubbish or debris. From the bin, the water is then pushed up through the water pump on the dock and discharged back into the ocean, free of rubbish. Turton and Ceglinki also provide the option of adding an oil and water separator to the dock pump to clear the water of any oil, fuel or detergents.

The Seabin system is designed to operate non-stop, 24 hours a day throughout the whole year. A marina worker is required to replace a full catch bag with a new one and dispose of the rubbish responsibly. The catch bags can be easily cleaned for reuse.