Top 10 videos of 2013: Q3

Here are the top 10 videos of the third quarter of 2013.

Design Indaba's most-watched videos for the third quarter of 2013 include an array of dynamic interviews along with Conference talks given by the world’s foremost designers and thought leaders.

From the Conference we have recent INDEX:Award 2013 winner Daan Roosegaarde on creating what he refers to as "techno-poetry". It's no surprise that Brazilian chef Alex Atala's speaker talk on creativity and innovation in cuisine is a firm favourite. Lousie Fili on packaging design and her Italian influences, alongside advertising legend Sir John Hegarty also came up in our top 10. 

The interviews with our Your Street Challenge winners are always an audience favourite as they give insight into how creatives around South Africa are using design, creativity and innovation to improve life on street level and encourage urban upliftment in various areas around the country. 

If you've missed any of these entertaining videos on DITV, now's the time to catch up on your viewing. Enjoy!