Pony Desk by Y Tsai

The Pony Desk by Y Tsai offers children a desk, chair and storage unit in one. The container library at Vissershok Primary was recently gifted with 30 of them.

From the Series

Y Tsai’s Pony Desk Chair is a multifunctional furniture piece for children between the ages of four and six. It is simultaneously a desk, chair and storage unit, while it also addresses issues of early childhood development as a fun and playful “pony”.

Tsai developed the Pony as a corporate social responsibility project for AllOffice Furniture. Thirty of the Pony Desks were recently delivered to the container library at Vissershok Primary outside Durbanville, Cape Town.

We were there to capture the excitement of the desks being delivered and the children trying them out. Tsai was there, helping with the receiving and unpacking of the desks, and explained the design thinking and process that resulted in the very colourful ponies.

School principal Gregory Andries is equally excited about the Pony Desks and believes it has the potential to contribute to academic achievements of the pupils.

The Pony Desks are made from super wood and are easily assembled without any screws or nails, and finished off in a variety of bright colours with the use of non-toxic paint. Tsai says there are plans to roll out the Pony Desks in other schools too, as well as rolling them out commercially. 

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