Khumba by Triggerfish Animation Studios

Nothing is quite black and white for Khumba, a half-striped zebra. He's the star of Triggerfish's new feature-length animation film. Here's a preview.

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Khumba the zebra might only have half his stripes, but there are no half measures to his adventurous spirit!

Khumba is the star of Triggerfish Animation Studio’s latest 3D animation feature film of the same name.

Here’s Triggerfish’s animation description of what to expect in this colourful adventure:

Khumba (Jake T. Austin), a half-striped zebra is born into an insular, superstitious herd and is immediately ostracized by the rest of the zebras – except for Tombi, a feisty tomboy (AnnaSophia Robb). When he is blamed for the drought, Khumba leaves the only home he has ever known in search of the magic waterhole where legend has it, the first zebras got their stripes.

Teaming up with an overprotective, sassy wildebeest, Mama V (Loretta Devine), and Bradley, a self-obsessed ostrich (Richard E. Grant), Khumba embarks on a daring quest to find the magic waterhole and earn his stripes.

The unlikely trio meet an array of wacky characters including a loony, old sheep (voiced by the hilarious Catherine Tate), a fanatical doomsday cult of dassies and an endangered Riverine Rabbit whose kamikaze survival strategy has clearly gone to his head.

As Khumba and his two side-kicks make their way across the vast and epic landscape, they are tracked by Phango, a sadistic leopard who believes that he derives his power from eating young prey and that Khumba, the unique, half-striped, zebra is the most powerful of them all.

Khumba, due for release in South Africa in late 2013, follows on the success of Adventures in Zambezia, also created by Triggerfish. Adventures in Zambezia marked the first feature-length animation film made in South Africa, telling the story of Kai, a young falcon who leaves the nest, so to speak, and makes his way to the famed bird city of Zambezia.