Design Indaba 10x10

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10x10 Housing

10x10 Low-Cost Housing Project

Launched at Design Indaba 2007, the 10x10 Low-Cost Housing Project challenged 10 handpicked local architectural teams, supported by 10 international alumni from previous Design Indaba Conferences, to provide innovative and dynamic design solutions for the low-cost housing sector.

The inaugural $100 000 Curry Stone Humanitarian Design Prize went to MMA Architects for their sand-bag solution to Design Indaba's challenge. The international prize is awarded annually to recognise breakthrough design solutions with the potential to improve our lives and the world we live in.

Sustainable, energy-efficient design, construction and operation techniques have been incorporated. The design principles will be encapsulated in a manual to be presented to the Minister of Housing, so that they can be added to the low-cost housing database, as well as be provided as architectural open source available to all.

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10x10 Industrial Project

The Design Indaba 10x10 Industrial Project matches 10 local manufacturing Companies with 10 design groups (made up of local and international designers) to collaborate, design and manufacture new products for export.

All companies involved have distinct competencies in a variety of niches such as injection moulding or sheet metal work. As suppliers to bigger manufacturers, these companies often become buried in the value chain.

The 10x10 industrial projects aim to give these companies new scope and a sizeable morale boost by producing their own marketable products. The trickledown effect includes increased exports and job creation.

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