LTD Edition

Design Indaba's LTD Edition is a bespoke publication launched in 2012, inspired by Design Indaba Magazine.

Through Design Indaba magazine’s last edition, "Design:Digest", guest edited by food designer Marije Vogelzang, we came to realise that voices like hers, indeed of all our Design Indaba alumni, are far more interesting than our own. This has inspired us to pass the creative role of curatorship onto them.

And so we say goodbye to Design Indaba magazine, but as we do so, we welcome in a new publication: a bespoke, limited edition, guest edited by a member of our extended design network.

Richard Hart was the first to take the reins for this LTD Edition. Entitled Where It’s At, Hart’s guest-edited publication was launched at Design Indaba 2012.

The second LTD Edition takes an entirely new format – it is an interactive app for iPad, iPhone and Android, designed by illustrator Christoph Niemann. It's called Petting Zoo by Christoph Niemann and features 21 hand-drawn animals that each react differently as you swipe or tap at them, creating a veritable interactive picture book. The app was launched by Niemann at Design Indaba Conference 2013. It is for sale in the iTunes store for just $1.99 and in its first month had over 24 000 downloads.

Future Design Indaba publications could take on any number of forms: a DVD, a documentary, a coffee-table book, a poster collection, even an audio file. Format neutral, its fundamental goal is to embody innovative ways to bring thought leadership to you. No need to predefine that by prescribing shape or form.

These subsequent versions of Design Indaba’s LTD Edition are still in the realm of dialogue. We are, as always, wide open to suggestion if you have any ideas you’d like to share.

The LTD Edition is part of Design Indaba's commitment to supporting and promoting creative work, and provides a unique outlet for giving back to the design community.