Creativity works.

As the Design Indaba institution has grown, it has taken a leadership position in South Africa, driving advocacy programmes to promote the creative industries among business, government, academia and civil society.

Creative Industries: The Sleeper in South African Economy is a document compiled by Design Indaba and was briefed to cabinet ministers and the Office of the President. It inspired the formation of a government task team that plotted a way forward in creating a coherent, cohesive national strategy for the creative industries. As a result the creative industries sector is one of nine sectors that have been earmarked by the government to form part of an accelerated growth strategy aiming for a 6% GDP growth rate.

Through advocacy, Design Indaba hopes to expand South Africa’s global reach by increasing the international delegate base, promoting South Africa for tourism development, encouraging export of South African design goods, and being part of the process of growing the creative industry towards sustainable job creation and development.