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Design Indaba 2004 speakers share their impressions.

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"One of the most inspiring things here is the level of professionalism." Neville Trickett

"So many different people from different disciplines of design." Elsie Nanji

"I'm completely impressed by the talents of all the speakers. It's really inspiring." Bob Sabiston

"This visit to the Design Indaba for me is absolutely multifaceted and enriching. I feel much more emotional now than I felt before I left London." Ross Lovegrove

"I'd like to come back to see in 10 years time where all this is driving, because that's where all the results will be." Fernando Gutierrez

"It was great to see how in a country like this, you have a platform for all of that talent." Ilse Crawford

"The Design Indaba is really a phenomenal event and a necessary one obviously. I think that Design Indaba has done an amazing job. You can feel what the 10 years of democracy is doing here. It's like energy to go out into the world and really be proactive and do some brilliant things for humanity." Karim Rashid

"By far this conference is the best conference I've participated in." Alexander Gelman

"The exposition was an absolutely great start. It will make our trip even more interesting, wanting to buy and meet new people and to find new resources." Nicole Farhi

"The diversity of the speakers and the people that attend really put apart the Design Indaba from a lot of other conferences." David Carson

"In terms of the design scene there is enormous amount happening. Great energy, great vitality, great potential." John Heskett

"I come to get inspired and I came to get ideas." Veejay Archary

"I think we all go back feeling inspired and just reminded of how important it is to be passionate about what you do." Mary Lewis

"I've been quite shocked in a pleasant way about how professionally it's organized." Shubhankar Ray

"Fantastic opportunity for me to network with people in a similar industry all over the world." Nkhensani Nkosi

"I've been to every Indaba since 1995 and it's just getting better and better every year." Garth Walker

"I was hoping to bring a live image to the Design Indaba through my performance to see that the design doesn't have to necessarily happen on the paper or computer." Peet Pienaar

"I come here for a refill. I come here to get topped up, because after a year I'm drained. They should have it every six months.." Richard Hart

"For us it is all very much one family of thinking. It's been very inspirational to see those things all together." Janina Masojada

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