TEN Collection ft Lydia Baillergeau (USA) – teaser

American artist, film director and motion designer Lydia Baillergeau features in the August 2013 edition of the TEN Collection. Here's what she's about.

Part of the Project

For the TEN Collection, Season 2, by Fotolia, Lydia Baillergeau is the first "secret artist". While the preceding artists in the series have released a free PSD of their illustrations and artworks, Baillergeau is the first artist to release video files for her artwork, entitled "Toast to Inspiration". In this video she talks about her work and her creative journey.

The Illustrator and After Effects files for “Toast to inspiration” will be available for free for 24 hours on Friday 9 August 2013.

About the artist 

When Lydia Baillergeau is not working as Design Lead for a small, San Francisco-based design agency called LaunchSquad, she also works as a freelance designer on side projects. Baillergeau is a skilled motion designer with a BFA in graphic design from San Jose State Univerisity.

“I’ve been drawing, doodling, writing, imagining and creating for as long as I can remember,” she says.

It seemed only natural that she would pursue a career in graphic design. After university, she worked as a designer for a small printer, a learning experience that eventually led her to leave behind the world of fixed imagery for that of animated art.

Baillergeau explains: “When I visualise things, I see them in motion. But as I was designing in print, I always imagined the elements coming on to the page in motion. Never just a static frame.” For this reason she found herself going back to school to study motion design, a field that has since become the crux of her work.

The artist on creativity, inspiration and influences

What are you inspired and influenced by?

Not to sound cliché, but everything! Music, nature, friends and experiences (positive and negative). When I’m feeling really uncreative I always think it’s good to switch things up. Get away. See a new view, consider a different perspective or try a new food. Switch it up. Visit a friend.

I am inspired by a many artists. To name a few: Kyle Cooper, Karin Fong, Karin Rosenthal, Monet, Gregory Crewdson and Walter Murch.

Do your influences and inspirations have a direct impact on your style and your work?

This is tricky to understand. I believe everything we create is informed by our experiences and what we see everywhere. But yes, I’m influenced by the processes of other artists. For example, I love how Kyle Cooper has accomplished so many powerful title sequences utilising organic practical methods. I love getting my hands dirty when possible.

How would you define your style?

Very rooted in concepts. I feel it’s essential to hinge everything on idea and story. So if I make something pink, there’s a reason! I’d like to say my style is always evolving. I constantly want to learn, grow and push myself to try new things.

What word or sentence defines you best?


What is your view on creativity, in a broad sense?

I believe that everyone is creative. You can find a creative way to solve a math equation, bake a cake, resolve a conflict or draw a person. We can become inspired when our eyes are open and we allow ourselves to experience new things. This helps us broaden our perspective and find more creative solutions.

In your opinion, what are the key qualities of a great artist / graphic designer?

Patience, perseverance, a desire to communicate an idea and evoke an emotion – it’s not just about making a pretty design. Great design tells a story.