MBOISA: Children's classrooms are transformed by the colourful work of See-Saw-Do

See-Saw-Do is a South African social enterprise that focuses on transforming learning spaces for children.

See-Saw-Do is a Cape Town-based design and events company that focuses on beautifying, upgrading and reimagining learning spaces for children.

“It is extremely important to us in the spaces that we create that they are environments that children love to learn in and teachers love to teach in,” says co-founder Xanelé Purén.

The initiative has been nominated for the Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2016 by singer, songwriter and TV host of the Expresso Morning Show Katelgo Maboe. Maboe and the Expresso team participated in one of See Saw Do’s projects.

“It was amazing to see the effect that it [See-Saw-Do’s work] had – not only on the environment itself and how it really made it come alive, but the effect that it had on the children,” says Maboe.

Xanelé believes that beauty is an emotional experience, one that makes the viewer feel good. The spaces created by See-Saw-Do in the early learning environment are designed specifically to make inspiring places that are simple, calm and well thought out.