Jaime Hayón: Curiosity is the designer's greatest tool

Curiosity is the designer's third eye, says quirky Spanish product designer Jaime Hayón. Without it there is no creativity.

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Quirky Spanish designer Jaime Hayón is somewhat of a hybrid creative. His work spans both design and art, functional and non-functional, and inhabits both the shop and the museum. 

“Curiosity for me in life is probably the most relevant thing. Without curiosity creativity doesn’t come. Without curiosity we don’t discover new perspectives. I think curiosity equals an eye that people have in their front head and it allows you to have perspective on things.”

Watch Jaime Hayón's full Design Indaba Talk. 

This sense of curiosity is what led Hayón into design and his pieces all retain a sense of provocation and play to lure in the curious viewer. Some of his more memorable pieces include a green rocking chicken and a sausage wearing a Hermes saddle.  

His attitude to his work does take on a slightly more serious tone when he acknowledges that these pieces are his legacy and will last beyond his lifetime, each a mischievous nod to a certain specific moment in time. 

Watch the Talk with Jaime Hayón

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