Henrik Vibskov at Dutch Design Week

Henrik Vibskov believes that the fastest form of communication is the way people present themselves through appearance.
Posted 16 Nov 12 By Design Indaba Duration: 00:06:14 Product Design Interviews / Video Interviews Comments

Fashion designer Henrik Vibskov is interested in combining fashion design with space and landscape design. The designer talks about some of his latest projects as well as his “The Blowhole Observatory” project created for Dutch Design Week 2012. Vibskov draws on his Scandinavian heritage and traditions to create a graphical outline of a whale. Bells are attached to the whale to explore what it would be like if whales could communicate with humans. The designer further speaks about working with music for the last 30 years and how it connects identities in social circles.

Henrik Vibskov’s work at Dutch Design Week 2012 formed part on an initiative by the FILM+DESIGN Foundation, curated by Marijke de Bie.

FILM + DESIGN is devoted to design, fashion, film and fine art, working to educate people about the possibilities of film and design. It is about how two disciplines work together to present the full design experience, with a new and exciting twist.

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