Gqama Ntyatyambo: Capturing the dynamics of the modern woman

Alinah Seloane tells us why she nominated this artwork for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017.

Gqama Ntyatyambo is a painting by fine artist Loyiso Mkize that was spotted by Alinah Seloane on social media. It captivated her instantly as she saw a reflection of her own life in the artwork’s depictions of female stoicism.

It was the artist’s goal to create a narrative with Gqama Ntyatyambo. Various statuesque scenes are portrayed in minute detail around the face of the main subject that represent the various social dynamics that women face in a modern South African context.

"The artwork itself is a celebration of the feminine… Beauty becomes another big player in my decision-making. I want to create something that is very pleasing and holds serious ideas,” says Mkize.

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