Carina Bonse on developing the Swimming In It campaign to new heights

The Global Grad chatted with us about the challenges of educating the masses about Cape Town’s less than pristine beaches.

Capetonian art director Carina Bonse sat down with us shortly before presenting her talk on the Design Indaba Conference stage to give us the scoop about her  awareness campaign, Swimming In It.

Since starting the venture in early 2016 as a student project for the Red & Yellow School, Bonse has been collecting research on the unsettling levels of sewage being pumped into the sea around Cape Town. With so much emphasis placed on public health and ecological safety in the 21st-century, Bonse felt it her duty, as a designer, to work out a way to bring this issue to light and develop an answer to it.

“The people that are most vulnerable to this problem are young people, old people and those with weakened immune systems,” said Bonse, stressing the far-reaching effect of this health hazard. Waterborne diseases proliferate in raw sewage easily and find their way to unsuspecting humans through pipelines that dump excrement into popular swimming waters.

Bonse described the need for collaboration at that stage of Swimming In It’s life, that financial and scientific backing would push it to the next level of public awareness. 

Watch the Talk with Carina Bonse