Beauty is a quality inherent in anything, says Caroline Vieira

Roger Ballen tells us why he nominated this ceramic design for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2017.

The RockPool Table is a natural seawater scene enshrined in ceramics. It is an affinity for the Earth and professional craft that drew Roger Ballen to this design by ceramics-guru Caroline Vieira.

Passionate about organic development, Vieira describes the fact that some of the RockPool surfaces broke during creation, resulting in flaws that she would keep as part of their new design as small tables with help from her husband.

Ballen expresses his own understanding of beauty and how the designs of Vieira ties into it, from individual taste to a wider affection that is informed by culture.

“People have different ideas about what’s beautiful. I think there’s an aesthetic appeal to what she does. There’s a richness, a depth, a profundity in its own way,” Ballen says.

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