Tomorrow We Disappear

"Tomorrow We Disappear" is a film that follows the lives of a fading community of Indian puppeteers and performers.

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The Kathputli Colony in New Delhi looks much like any other Indian slum. But amongst its population are thousands of families of artists: puppeteers, performers and magicians, many of whom are well known in India and internationally (Kathputli is the most popular form of Indian string puppetry).

However, in 2009 the New Delhi government sold the land on which Kathputli sits to developers for just a fraction of the cost of its worth. The homes there are to be destroyed to make way for the city’s first skyscraper, The Raheja Phoenix, and commercial complex.

"Tomorrow We Disappear" follows the story of three of Kathputli’s performers as they come to terms with the loss of their homes. Director Jim Goldblum’s debut feature brings to life the magic of the Indian folkart that faces extinction at the wheels of tomorrow's bulldozers. 

"Beautiful, sad and stunning, the film lovingly but unflinchingly documents the destructive collision between tradition and modernization, between ramshackle artistry and regimented bureaucracy." - The Wrap