Shake the Dust

“Shake the Dust” trails the influence of hip hop culture to the most unexpected corners of the globe.

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Directed by filmmaker Adam Sjöberg, “Shake the Dust” takes the viewer to Uganda, Yemen, Cambodia, Haiti and Somalia to trace hip hop and breakdancing in Third World rural communities and urban ghettos.

In the 1970s, hip hop and breakdancing were born simultaneously in the ghettos of the South Bronx. Forty years later the music and culture continues to influence underprivileged youths in poor communities. 

“In the years since its inception, hip hop has become more than just a music genre or a style of dance. It has stretched itself across the globe as one of the most influential and trendsetting subcultures that exists,” says Sjöberg.

The film portrays the intimate stories of b-boys and b-girls, DJs and hip hop artists to paint a picture of a global community joined together by hip hop culture.