Protofarm 2050: Multinational Feedback Loop

Futurefarmers explain their Multinational Feedback Loop - recycling and reusing, in order to sustain the cultivation of renewable resources.

Part of the Project

Noah-Murphy Reinhertz and Amy Franceschini, of Futurefarmers, explain the Multinational Feedback Loop. True to its name, the Multinational Feedback Loop recycles, reuses and adapts existing and obsolete technologies, in order to sustain the cultivation of renewable resources on an international level. They are joined by a number of friends who share their thoughts on the future of farming.

Protofarm 2050 was commissioned by ICSID for the World Design Congress in Singapore from 23 to 25 November. The brief was to generate preemptive solutions to predicted problems of the future. Commissioning previous Design Indaba speakers – Futurefarmers, 5.5 designers, Dunne&Raby, Revital Cohen and Frank Tjepkema – Protofarm 2050 engages with issues of food security and resourceful environmentalism.