Sideways driving with Goodyear’s latest concept tyre

International tyre company Goodyear has revealed the spherical-shaped, smart tyre of the future.

Tyre and rubber company Goodyear have unveiled two new concept tyres at the 86th Geneva International Motor Show that could reshape the future of self-driving cars. The Eagle-360 and the Intelligrip tyres are geared towards the future of autonomous smart driving.

According to Goodyear, both tyres have been designed with safety in mind. The Eagle-360 is a spherical-shaped concept tyre designed for manoeuvrability, connectivity and biomimicry.

The multi-orientation of the spherical-shaped tire allows the car to move in all directions, making parking effortless even in tight spaces. The embedded sensors allow it to communicate road and weather conditions while it monitors tread and tyre pressure. Connected to the car via magnetic levitation, the car is suspended above the tyres, resulting in a smooth and silent ride. It’s also inspired by nature. Its 3D-printed tread mimics the pattern of brain coral and behaves like a natural sponge - designed to stiffen in dry conditions and soften when wet.

The company’s second concept for the future, IntelliGrip, is designed to communicate with a self-driving vehicle’s control systems. Its advanced sensor technology and specially designed tread allow it to sense road conditions and adapt to its environment. The tyre is also able to assess the condition of the tyre and the vehicle. 

“By steadily reducing the driver interaction and intervention in self-driving vehicles, tyres will play an even more important role as the primary link to the road,” says Joseph Zekoski, Goodyear’s senior vice president and chief technical officer. “Goodyear’s concept tyres play a dual role in that future both as creative platforms to push the boundaries of conventional thinking and testbeds for next-generation technologies.”

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