An innovative way to extinguish a fire

The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball uses a chemical blast to control unexpected fires.

Extinguishing a fire is usually a job for trained professionals, suited-up in heat resistant gear and next-level bravery. But what if you don’t have time to call for help? The Elide Fire Extinguishing Ball is described as the easiest way to snuff out unexpected fires before they have a chance to do any major damage.

Weighing 1.5 kilograms, the ball-shaped extinguisher can be tossed into a blaze as soon as it erupts. By releasing a torrent of chemicals within 3 seconds of activation, the ball is able to neutralise the threat.

It can also be placed close to high-risk appliances around the home. The ball sounds an alarm before activating, meaning it is able to neutralise the blaze and let bystanders know when to keep a safe distance.

The efficiency of the device allows the user to appropriately deal with the situation without fumbling with a complicated fire extinguisher or desperately trying to call for help while the fire rages on.

The ball’s blast is able to control a solid burning material, liquid burning material, fires involving combustible gases, and fires involving certain electrical appliances. The chemicals it releases is said to be safe for people and the environment.

The innovative device could be a game-changer in densely packed areas like South African townships where shack fires ravage informal settlements within minutes.