Girl Seeks Girl: A call to embrace one another through fashion

Asanda Sizani tells us why she nominated this dress for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa 2018.

Now is the time for women to come together, says designer Thebe Magugu, whose dress “Girl Seeks Girl” carries a powerful message of gender expectations in South Africa. It was nominated by fashion editor Asanda Sizani for Most Beautiful Object in South Africa.

“Girl Seeks Girl” is a flair-sleeved dress made from engineered scuba fabric, but it is the illustration on the front of this garment that forms the centrepiece of Magugu’s message.

“It felt like Thebe is commenting on social issues through this dress,” says Sizani, “That visual of two women coming together was just so appealing to me. I really want people to know more about this dress because I know whoever wears it, is going to make a statement.”

Magugu is no stranger to the notion of using couture as commentary – in fact, this dress is one of a larger collection that celebrates the strength of the modern woman in today’s socio-political climate.

“We have the most progressive Constitution in the world, but it continues to fail women on a daily basis,” says the designer, “That’s why the whole collection is peppered with references to homemaking and domesticity.”