Artisans of Kibera: Victorious Bone Craft

In Part 3 of a series presented by Nairobi Design Week, we meet one of the founders of Victorious Bone Craft – a small business based in Kenya's Kibera.

Victorious Crafts Group was formed in 2006 by three young men from Kibera. In addressing pollution, they saw an opportunity to use bone and horn from slaughter houses. This group now makes bone and horn jewellery, cutlery, and trinkets.

A mix of both men and women from Kibera’s villages are trained free of charge. Once the trainees are skilled, they can work with Victorious. There are those who opt to establish workshops for their own production, and find markets to sell.

The group ensures that the youth are made aware of responsible dumping mechanisms, and aims to train as many men and women as possible. The focus is to make more youth independent.

Victorious Bone Craft sells products both locally and for export; in five years , the group is optimistic about expanding, employing more youth, and increasing their workforce.

This series is being released as part of Nairobi Design Week 2015. Article by Rina Waligo. "Artisan Kibera Series" credits: Humphrey Gateri (@iamhumphrey2) , funky industries (@fnky_ind) and Fredrick Bary, NDW Field Research Assistant.

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