Ana Kraš - Shy Gestures

#FilmFestFridays present Serbian-born artist Ana Kraš in Shy Gestures, where she talks about her simple, user-friendly approach to design.

The work of Serbian-born artist Ana Kraš gained international attention beginning when she was a young girl. As a student in Belgrade without the benefit of computers, she often made prototypes and designs by hand, a habit informing her practice up to the present. Kraš's approach to design is refreshingly simple – to make user-friendly objects requiring minimal production.

Approaching design this way allows her to focus on small details that add a playful twist to otherwise modest pieces. Kraš may be best known for her “Bon Bon” lamps, painstakingly made by hand, in a process that is a meditation to her.

She is attracted to combinations and aesthetics not considered conventionally pretty, though you'd never see that in the final product. In her film for The Avant/Garde Diaries, Kraš takes us into the private world of her creativity, her studio, her romance, and New York City itself, the metropolis she now calls home.

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