“Philanderer” brooch: Jewellery that tells a different story

Claudette Schreuders tells us why she nominated this handcrafted piece of jewellery for Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2018.

It’s time to see jewellery as a way to express human truth, says designer Carine Terreblanche. Her “Philanderer” brooch, a small yet eye-catching breastpin, has been nominated as the Most Beautiful Object In South Africa 2018.

Selected by her colleague and professional sculptor, Claudette Schreuders, the piece exemplifies that jewellery can also be critical and carry a narrative all its own. As the name suggests, this design has the character of “a man that cannot resist a woman”, says Terreblanche.

“Philanderer” itself is a small, silvery adornment that looks vaguely like a human face that's been simplified with strong geometric shapes. Terreblanche fashioned the brooch by hand – it is made of brushed silver and enamel paint.

According to the designer, it is an exciting time to see the craft of jewellery move to the public domain and take on the role of social commentator – she is eager to shift perceptions about this kind of design, showing that there is more at work here than just quirky bling. These days, aesthetics alone will not cut it.

Terreblanche aims to elevate the role that jewellery plays in our lives and inspire other designers to infuse their craft with thought-provoking concepts.

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