Piet Hein Eek on respecting material, technique and craftsmanship

Piet Hein Eek is devoted to creating products with a special attention to detail and quality.

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Piet Hein Eek believes in creating products with the aim that there will be no materials left over, or creating products using leftover materials. Often leftover materials go to waste because the labour to reappropriate them is too expensive, so the Dutch furniture designer decided to turn this notion on its head.

I don't like the idea that labour is so expensive that you throw away a piece of material that is good enough to be a leg but because we're so expensive it's waste, says Eek. So I turned the world around and said, 'Labour costs nothing, materials cost a fortune.'

Eek shows examples of his work that adopts this approach, including various pieces of designer furniture, all of which use every remaining scrap of wood.

In this presentation he also talks about his company in Eindoven and its multifaceted approach. From a workspace and shop to a gallery and restaurant, Eek reveals the essence of his company – that doing everything by oneself is greatly rewarding. He believes that creating an environment that is positive and stimulating will lead to success. 

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