Masashi Kawamura on doing different things with technology

“By making things differently you’ll get something different (no duh)”. Masashi Kawamura explains how this approach informs his creative work.

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Masashi Kawamura is interested in combining storytelling and technology. In his speaker talk at Design Indaba Conference 2013 he spoke about designing new ways to design and how technology can make this possible.

From interactive TV shows to music videos, product design, 3D printing, an iPhone app and even a bike that runs on human poop, Kawamura’s creative endeavours straddle many disciplines.

As technology becomes more ubiquitous Kawamura believes that it presents opportunities for new ways of making things, while it also calls for new creative processes to be developed – in particular with the tools we already have at our disposal.

He showed examples of his own work, including a crowd-sourced video, to illustrate how technology and storytelling can reimagine things and connect people. 

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