Masashi Kawamura: Making new ways of making things

Masashi Kawamura is interested in designing new ways to design and experimenting with ways to combines technology and storytelling.

Working from bases in New York and Tokyo, Masashi Kawamura’s creative work explores different ways of working in different mediums.

He believes the process of both thinking about and making things needs to be reconsidered if we are to design new ways to design. “Making new ways of making things is important if you want to do things that nobody is doing,” he says.

Using a music video he produced for a Japanese band as an example Kawamura explains that he started by asking how music could be brought to life in a new way. The outcome of this questioning was a music video made using Skype and a webcam.

For Kawamura it is about a new way of engaging with creative output. He believes artists can become makers, and that this makes for deeper engagement.

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