John Hunt on original advertising

John Hunt tries to define "advertising", pointing out that advertising must be original – but not too original.

For advertising guru John Hunt, originality is what keeps the advertising and branding industries afloat.

Hunt quotes from the "Holy Book of Advertising" and points out that original ideas are at the basis of advertising and that originality is what held, and still holds, people's attention. But original ideas can also be dangerous because people are "common folk" whose brains are very full already! When ideas are too original, the avergae human can't process ideas that are foreign to them. In order to understand the current trends in these industires, Hunt feels we need to look back to traditional advertising strategies.

All creative communities sell ideas and brands. So why not cross-pollinate for a more artful expression of ideas? asks John Hunt. 

To understand the current trends in advertising we need to also take a look at the features of traditional advertising. Traditional advertising was about selling an isolated idea, concept or brand, explains the creative founding partner of TBWA/Hunt/Lascaris.

John Hunt talks about Steve Jobs’ approach of taking the best of individual creative disciplines and combining them for maximum impact.