Jens Martin Skibsted on the evolution of bicycle design

Jens Martin Skibsted has been “shouting cars out of the city” for a long time.

Jens Martin Skibsted, founding partner of Skibsted Ideation, KiBiSi and Biomega, is one of most inspiring and creative Danish designers. He argues that design can go a long way to encourage more people to choose bicycles as a form of urban transport. Skibsted talks about idea-driven design, hedonistic sustainability and ensuring that quality designs are also aesthetically sustainable.

Skibsted compares design to evolution, and uses things like genres of dance to desribe the  kind of evolution he suggests.

You can boil down Evolution to three words: variation, replication and selection, says Skibsted.

Visibility, drivability, integration and durability are some of the key design elements he feels can help to make bicycles a more appealing form of urban transport.

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