Dana Arnett on the difference between good and bad design

Dana Arnett talks about how designers emotionally and intellectually identify with the work they create.

Chicago-based designer for VSA Partners, Dana Arnett feels that design is a very personal and intimate art form, and in this conference he speaks about how companies can embrace design to help them establish a personality.

I think designers have this urge to do work they can identify with, and once that work comes out and gets understood and accepted by the general public, it can motivate and be a powerful force, and that for me is more than gratification; it's the definition of design, and design always provides a context for people to understand... That translates to joy, and the love that you can find in your work, says Arnett.

Arnett also talks about working on Harley Davidson branding, the importance of an open working environment and the difference between good design and bad design.

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