Top 10 videos of 2015

Four of our Conference talks and two interviews with Michael Bierut made it to the list of the top 10 videos of the year.

There are four of our Conference talks in the top 10 videos of this year and four videos on graphic design. It’s hard to ascribe any other particular theme to what people were watching. We had rock stars from the world of knitting and textile, three young South Africans searching for the soul of their country and William Kentridge’s lecture-cum-opera at our 2015 Festival.

Hella Jongerius took to the Design Indaba stage in February 2015 to share the six guiding principles that she uses in her work. She advocates for a more holistic design process that looks to the archive and releases a fascination with all things new. She would later release these ideas in a published manifesto. 

Michael Bierut, who appears twice in this list, tells us about the challenge of writing a book about your own work and shared his valuable insight into how the power of a logo lies in how it interacts with the viewer. His Pentagram colleague Emily Oberman revealed on how humour helps make human connections.

South Africa’s most renowned artist, William Kentridge, elaborated on his mysterious creative process in a lecture-style talk that erupted into a performance from Notes Towards a Model Opera, singing and dancing included.