• Educators Indaba 2014

    The Educators Indaba is an annual seminar organised for educators, made possible by Design Indaba Trust, held the Saturday after the Conference at the CTICC.

The 2014 Educators Indaba will be led by a panel of leading Danish designers and educators who will present INDEX: Education initiatives as well as the international arts educational exchange project, CICLO, which improves access to quality arts education and the cultural and social relevance of arts education.

The session opens with a discussion of INDEX: Design to Improve Life Education. Eva Christine Hoffmann and Caroline Fehrn-Christensen will explore the fundamental principle behind Design to Improve Life Education – that understanding global challenges and learning how to develop environmentally, socially and financially sustainable solutions to these is both imperative to societies and a unique and meaningful learning resource. This is followed by a presentation of education ventures launched by Denmark in South Africa. 

Design Education and Arts Education becomes the focal point of the second half of the session. Olaf Gerlach-Hansen, Senior Advisor at the Danish Cultural Institute, will examine how design education has evolved such that design thinking has become part of the new, broader Arts Education framework.  The Seminar will finish with a discourse regarding the major challenges remaining across educational systems, introduction of the Amager Culture House case study, and finally, the launch of the CICLO project in South Africa.

After each speaker presents, there will be a Q&A session where the audience can explore the topics covered.