The forgotten province

The architectural richness of the Free State province is often forgotten or overlooked, but a new book succeeds in capturing the highlights.

As a province the Free State is hard to define. It is the geographical heart of South Africa and much of its cultural construction is based on Afrikaner symbolism. For many locals, and foreigners, this landscape is known as nothing more than a transit route between Cape Town and Johannesburg.

Architecture is not something that one immediately associates with the Free State. Not due to any lack of it in this province, but simply because the marvels of the design and construction of the buildings in the province are neglected.

Jako Olivier and Pattabi G Raman’s book Architecture of the Third Landscape: Award-Winning Buildings of the Free State addresses this issue by presenting an insightful look into the architecture that defines this province.

Covering issues ranging from conservation to house extensions and architecture of the industrial town, Third Landscape has appeal for both the enthusiast and the expert.

With an abundance of photographs, illustrations and blueprints, the book really is a journey through the little-known architectural gems of the Free State, textbook and coffee-table must-have.