Dror unveils his innovative multi-use space truss geometry.

Designer Dror Benshetrit took the stage at Design Indaba's opening day to unveil a project he spent the last four years working on: QuaDror. A versatile structural support system, QuaDror is a fresh take on space truss geometry that offers innumerable solutions for use and eliminates redundancy in structure. "Mass is one of the worst in terms of energy waste," Dror told Cool Hunting.

A hinge without a revolution joint, the QuaDror is extremely strong and energy efficient, but the real beauty about QuaDror is its flexibility. The robust nature of the design allows it to hold up to 86 QuaDrors on top of each other. When stacked the unit can serve as a sound barrier or temporary wall; when collapsed, the QuaDror is completely flat. Dror explained that while you can fit 1,750 pieces in one shipping container, that fact isn't even relevant because "there is no reason why you can't just produce them locally"—a brilliant aspect when finding immediate solutions for disaster relief, which is another viable option for the form's purpose.

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