Design Indaba magazine gets lusty

“It’s an ad joke. If you want to sell something without trying too hard just add sex, puppies or children.” Get the new Design Indaba mag.

“It’s an ad joke. If you want to sell something without trying too hard just add in sex, puppies or children.” In the Design Indaba Q210 “Wonderlust: 18SNL” issue we’ve opted for sex.

Kathryn White investigates the apparently sexually aware advertising industry. Photographer Zanele Muholi argues for the creation of alternative sexual histories, specifically those of black lesbians, to be explored and documented. Drag queen Odidiva talks about the power of wearing a dress. Filmmaker Oliver Hermanus wonders about the type of sex had by normal people, you know that type of sex that happens without makeup, airbrushing or cameras.

To add to the Good Vibes we’ve included a curated selection of sex-related creative produce, giving a whole new meaning to things that go hump in the night. But then, a product doesn’t have to be sexual to inspire lust – we also give you a glimpse at some of the highlights of the 2010 Milan Furniture Fair and photographer Leah Hawker brings high gloss desire to a selection of Design Indaba Expo 2010 products.

In turn inspired by the 2010 Design Indaba Conference, Daisy Alexandra Ginsberg looks at the design implications of work by scientists such as Dr Craig J Venter and Drew Endy. Bruce Nussbaum re-explains “Designomics” and Stefan G Bucher explains further how controlling his greed is vital for an overactive imagination.

And finally we lift the boerewors curtain to get to the bottom of the “zef rappers” phenomenon. What is it about Die Antwoord, Jack Parow and Leon Botha that has millions fascinated?

Bringing you the best of sex and design: Design Indaba Q210 “Wonderlust: 18SNL" is on sale now. It’s available at selected Exclusive Books, Woolworths and other stockists, or online.

And remember: Sex sells. Fast.

Watch the Talk with Oliver Hermanus