Yield the signs

Discarded road traffic signs are given a second life by designer Boris Bally who turns it into bold and interesting furniture pieces.

Many a rebellious teenager has, at some point, “acquired” a road traffic sign that was given a proud place in their bedroom.

American designer Boris Bally also really likes traffic signs but he upcycles them for a more productive function.

Looking to the graphic and material potential of recycled traffic signs, Bally creates bold pieces of furniture under his Humanufactured label using discarded road signs.

 Bally is committed to reducing waste as far as possible. Anything that is left over from the manufacturing process is used in the creation of another product. Bally’s other creations include switch plates, house number, clocks, picture frame and post boxed. His bold approach to product design highlights the fact that recycled or upcycled products do not have to be dismal or uncomfortable.

Tons of aluminium waste can be saved from a landfill site if Bally continues steady production. Together with the recycled aluminium that he uses, Bally also uses recycled Champagne corks as an anti-slip and anti-scratch material.

All photos: Boris Bally www.borisbally.com. 

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