Wrinkled wood

Benjamin Hubert's Ripple Table is said to be the lightest timber-made table in the world.

Benjamin Hubert has designed the world’s lightest timber table!

Hubert’s Ripple Table is the result of his research into lightweight construction. Believed to be the lightest timber table ever created, Ripple is 2.5 metres long, 1 metre wide and weights just nine kilograms.

The table’s impressive strength-to-weight ratio is enabled by an innovative production process of corrugating plywood for furniture by pressure lamination; a process developed by Hubert himself and Canadian manufacturer Corelam.

Ripple is minimal in its design language. The top surface is made from corrugated plywood overlaid by a flat sheet, and the A-frame legs are simply made from two adjoining corrugated plywood layers.

In addition to being easy to manoeuvre, the table is also environmentally friendly, as 70 to 80% less material is used in construction than in a standard timber table.

The Ripple Table was launched at this year’s London Design Festival as part of Hubert’s inaugural United Kingdom solo exhibition, and will be on show until 22 September 2013.