Wooden kitchenware

Nendo has designed a collection of kitchenware for Urushi Kobo Oshima that showcases the beauty in natural wood.

Celebrating the mastery of wood turning as well as the material itself, Nendo has created a range of bowls, plates and cups that showcase the richness of natural wood.

Japanese design studio Nendo has collaborated with Urushi Kobo Oshima, a traditional lacquer workshop founded in 1909 in Japan’s Ishikawa Prefecture region renowned for its wood turning mastery. The collaboration resulted in the Lump collection that proudly displays the distinctive techniques of the workshop.

Adding an unexpected twist to the entire collection, Nendo enlarged and rounded each piece’s base, encouraging users to cradle the “lump” bases in their hands, rather than supporting them.

We wanted to heighten users’ awareness of the particular qualities of wood in their hands, says Nendo founder, Oki Sato.

The exterior of the bowls, plates and cups reveals a natural finish celebrates the beauty of wood grain. The interior contrasts with the natural look and feel of the exterior due to its matte lacquer finish.