Window dressing

From shocking pink to acid yellow, Karim Rashid's blackout blinds are anything but dull.

Karim Rashid teamed up with Danish group Velux to create a range of skylight blackout shades.

Taking the boring out of blackout, Rashid’s eight-piece collection provides complete darkness as well as thermal insulation for windows with a 33% decrease in heat flow.

The currently untitled designs invite people to suggest names for each of the blinds through a web competition, where others can again vote for their favourite names. The most voted for names will then become the official title of the shades.

Inspired by both digital technology and floral motifs, Rashid was keen to add a modern yet poetic feel to the skylight shades. “I want people to see a blind not as a genuine standard product but as a small piece of decorated art that adds beauty and even determines the style of the interior decoration,” he says.

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