Where the sun shines

The Pure Sun table is an energy-efficient device that redirects natural light to where it is needed.

It is almost ironic that most products that save energy still rely on some form of technology like batteries or electricity, says Danish studio Igland Design.

Their Pure Sun table is an attempt to demonstrate that saving energy can be simple and low-tech. Dag Ingland says redirecting light is easy when you have a mirror and since northern Europe needs all the sun they can get, he devised a means to let the light shine where it is needed or desired.

Pure Sun works very simply with mirrors inside that are adjusted with the dials on the sides of the table. The mirrors can be angled to best capture the sunlight at different times of day.

Igland was determined that the Pure Sun should encourage interaction between user and design. He says: “If the Pure Sun table had a sun-tracking system, it would miss the point, an important part of the idea is that you have to actively dial in the right angles to capture lights, and by doing that one gains awareness of saving energy.”