WaterSeer: Turning air into drinkable water

This device claims to accelerate the production of pure drinking water.
WaterSeer device
A device that produces water from thin air

People in rural and developing areas are sometimes forced to travel great distances to find safe drinking water. Vici labs in collaboration with UC Berkeley and the Peace Corps Association have developed WaterSeer, a wind-powered device that can be installed anywhere. It can produce 11 gallons clean drinking water per day using air.

Previous solutions to the problem of water access require extensive energy and chemicals to produce water. The WaterSeer extracts water from the surrounding atmosphere. The device absorbs the moisture from the air, condensing it into water by using the temperature difference between the aboveground turbine and the collection chamber installed underground. The water is brought to the surface using a simple pump-and-hose system.

Its designers hope to enhance the quality of life of people in developing areas.

However, another source has suggests that the technology cannot do all that it claims to be able to. See more here

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