Washing feature

Amedeo is a new washbasin, designed by Karim Rashid, that takes its inspiration from the natural flow of water.

Karim Rashid has designed a new washbasin concept, with one of its main features beings its ability to adapt to suit all furnishings and practical requirements.

The Amedeo pedestal washbasin for Italian manufacturers Ceramica Cielo consists of two basins, one round and one oval, above a tapered pedestal. Rather than the water draining via a central exit point, the dirty water rolls down the interior edges of the washbasin.

Speaking aesthetically to the natural flow of water, the Amedeo is like an all-round sculpture that can be placed by a wall or in the centre of a room.

Amedeo is available in stone and anthracite surfaces. The washbasin also comes in a variety of colours, including gloss white and gloss black.