Walk on the moon

The "moonwaka" by Satyendra Pakhalé is a hiking gauge for Moon travellers!

By all accounts it is probably not too far-fetched to imagine a time in the near future when human beings will be inhabitating areas beyond the Earth, such as the Moon.

(If and) When we start travelling to the Moon we will no doubt be needing devices to help us orientate ourselves.

Satyendra Pakhalé’s “moonwaka” does exactly this. Dubbed the “first hiking gauge for space travellers on the Moon”, the moonwaka is a utilitarian tool that makes navigation in a micro-gravity environment simple and easy.

The moonwaka helps hand-eye coordination in the micro-gravity space, while also working to create a sense of security for first-time Moon travellers.

In its essence a playful object, the moonwaka has interesting features like a viewfinder that intuitively gauges the changing angle of vision and distances on the Moon terrain. The gadget also has a vertical stick-like form, with a mass-volume distribution that allows it to always stay upright in micro-gravity environments.

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