From vine to vase

Using reclaimed wine bottles and local labour, Liam Mooney is creating some rather interesting vases.

Wine Vases is a new collection of vases by Cape Town designer Liam Mooney. The vases are part of a range of products initiated by Mooney and manufactured by the local micro industries. For the vase project Mooney chose to work with the glass-cutting department at The Carpenter’s Workshop in the city.

The intention and the challenge was to use reclaimed wine bottles to create a modern and relevant product, without having to exploit too many virgin materials. Together with it’s low carbon footprint, the vases are also socially responsible. The Carpenter’s Shop with whom Mooney collaborated is a non-profit organisation that provides basic skills training to people from disadvantages communities.

In July 2010 Mooney launched “Dry Goods” in Woodstock, Cape Town. This exhibition space/shop showcases his creations, from furniture to sculptures, vases and other decorative pieces.